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Seiko Wall Clock



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Quartz (1x AA size battery)

LumiBrite / Light

Case Material
Plastic case

Thickness: 4.0 cm
Width: 40.0 cm
Height: 40.0 cm

Other Specifications
Dragon In The House

Seiko special edition Golden Dragon Numeral Wall Clock, designed with mandarin numeral and depicting a golden Dragon on the dial

As a unique kind of cultural cohesion and accumulation, the image of the Dragon is deeply rooted in the minds of the Chinese people. Not only is the Dragon culture imprinted in the daily lives (birth and old age, sickness and death) of the people, but it also penetrates all aspects of social life aesthetically.

The Dragon is related to everything in China, symbolizing power, nobleness, honor, luck, and success in traditional Chinese culture.

It's said that the Dragon can ride mist and float on clouds in the sky, chase the storm and churn the waves in the sea, and summon wind and call for rain on the earth. More importantly, the Dragon symbolized the imperial power in the slave and feudal societies of China, and its image was exclusively used by the emperor.

As a result, the ancient emperor called himself the "true son of the Dragon" — his costume was a dragon robe, his body reflected a dragon's body, his chair was shaped like a dragon, his boat was a dragon boat, and his carriage was a dragon-like carriage — in order to show his supreme privileges.
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